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Investment Planning and Portfolio Management

For individuals and families with portfolios of $1+ million

"For most investment managers, portfolio management is neither art nor science. It is instead a very special problem in engineering, of determining the most reliable and efficient way of reaching a specified goal, given a set of policy constraints, and working within a remarkably uncertain, probabilistic, always changing world of partial information and misinformation, all filtered through the inexact prism of human interpretation."
—Charles D. Ellis

Policy-making and asset allocation are the principal factors focused upon which influence an investment program's long-term results. They are the means by which you can establish direction for your investment programs and control how they are to be managed. Our firm uses proprietary models to develop asset allocation recommendations that reflect your unique financial and investment circumstances.

Cypress Praxis, LLC draws upon ongoing capital markets research and policy modeling capabilities to develop strategic policy advice. We work with you to develop investment objectives that reflect your risk tolerance and recognize your liquidity needs while providing for the level of asset class diversification needed to meet your investment needs and goals. We focus on the allocation of funds among various asset types to develop a sensible combination of favorable long-term after-tax return, risk control, inflation protection, liquidity, and flexibility.

We work with you to implement your asset allocation decisions in a way that maximizes the likelihood of meeting your investment objectives. Strategies are implemented with the most effective combination of investment managers, including the number and type of managers, manager style, active/passive and generalist/specialist managers. We favor uncomplicated investment structures that incorporate appropriate risk control measures. At times we also invest in individual securities.

Investment managers are monitored on an ongoing basis. This process entails quarterly analysis of performance and portfolio characteristics, personal meetings at least annually, and numerous conference calls throughout the year. The goal of this monitoring process is to assess organizational stability, consistency of investment approach, professional turnover, growth in assets under management, and other factors that can influence performance.

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